Free crochet instruction for men scarves

Free Crochet Instruction for Men Scarves

Free crochet instructions for men scarf Would you like to crochet a classic winter scarf for a special man? This free crochet pattern is similar to a knitting rib, but it is not. This scarf is part of a matching set with a winter hat. Of course this scarf is not only for men. It is an excellent gift for everyone!

The project is suitable for beginners to advanced crocheters and is suitable for crocheters who are familiar with chain stitch, single crochet and slip stitch. Most crochet beginners learn the slip stitch early. With this pattern, however, you work over whole rows, not as usual here and there. If you are not familiar with the basic anatomy of stitches, you may find it difficult to figure out where to place these stitches because the stitches are so short. It would be helpful if you were familiar with the slip stitch in rows before proceeding with this scarf.


The scarf is worked over the length. You can change the size by changing the length of your start chain. You can also easily adjust the width by editing more or less lines.

Width: 5 inch

Length: 75 inch


16 stitches and 28 rows = 10 cm pattern stitch

If the exact size of the finished scarf is important to you, crochet a colour sample and adjust this recommended measuring device. Row thickness is not important, but it will make a difference how much yarn you use.

    • Abbreviations
    • ch = chain
    • rep = repeat
    • sc = single crochet
    • warp = chain stitch
    • st (s) = stitch (e)
    • tch = turn chain

What you will need ?


  • Crochet hook US K / 10.5 (6.5 mm)
  • thread or tapestry needle
  • Scissors


  • 400 to 500 yard DK / light worsted


1- Do it chain

Ch 301

2- Work in the chain

Knit sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch over 300 sts. Reverse.

3- Border (edge)

Edit the border for the beginning of the scarf.

Rows 1-2: Lm 1 (tch), warp st in each warp st to the end – 300 warp st Turning.

Row 3: ch 1 (ch), knit in each warp st to the end – 300 dc. Turn.

4-Start with the pattern stitch

row 1: Lm 1 (tch), warp st in the front mesh of warp st in row below – 300 warp st.

Rows 2-3: ch 1 (turn the chain), warp st in each warp st to the end – 300 warp st. Turning.

Row 4: ch 1 (turn the chain), thread each warp st to the end – 300 dc. Turning over.

Repeat rows 1 to 4 until the piece measures 4 1/2 inch and ends with row 4.

Edge (border)

Working rim for shell end.

Next row: Lm 1 (tch), warp st in each st to the end – 300 sts. Turning.

Repeat the last row twice


Fasten and weave in the ends. Block if desired.

Fine tuning

  • Add fringes in a matching yarn or colour.
  • Attach some crocheted snowflakes for a fun winter look.
  • Instead of fringes at the ends, use a shell stitch for a scarf that any little girl would love!