Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Lazy Days

Looking for simple hairstyles for lazy days? You’ll notice that many of these hairstyles are labeled “messy”. That’s because some days I’m in a hurry and all I want to do is use dry shampoo, toss my hair up and go. These cute, easy hairstyles are perfect for lazy days, fancy dates, or when you’re running late and rushing out the door. Here are 10 easy hairstyles for lazy days:

Half-Up Crown Braid

Pretty like a princess without any problems? Start with a center parting and grab a strand of hair close to your hairline. Start braiding this, angling it back and down slightly and secure. Repeat on the opposite side. Pull braids behind your head, close the base of your skull and layer them. Hide the ends of the braids by tucking them in and pinning them in place.

Scarf Cover-Up

For those days when you would rather hide your hair than try to do something special with it, this is a style for you. Secure your hair in a high, messy knot. Take the ends of your scarf in both hands and place the center of the fabric at the nape of your neck. Wrap the scarf over your ears and cross it at the front of your head, creating a twist in the middle of your hair. Then secure the scarf with bobby pins.

Easy Chignon

Classic and timeless, this chignon will have you feeling chic in less than five minutes. Separate your hair into three sections – left, right and back. Twist the left and right sections back behind your ears and connect them to the back section, securing it into a low ponytail. Make a gap in the hair just above the handle and pull the ponytail up and through the gap to create a twist. Pin the remaining hair up and over the original twist and secure with bobby pins to create a low bun.

Braided Messy Bun

Easy 3 step hairstyle! Simply cut your hair, tie a knot, loosely braid the two front sections, pull out pieces here and there to make the braid messy and give it volume, then cross the braids over the knot and secure with bobby pins.

Messy Crossover Pony

Possibly the easiest and quickest style on the list, and one I love because it looks (and is!) effortless. Separate the hair into two front sections and a back section. Toupee the back section (or use dry shampoo for volume) and secure it in a ponytail. Take the right front section and cross it over the ponytail so it rests over the handle. Repeat on the left side so that both strands of hair are crossed over the handle. Pull the hair strands around and under the ponytail and secure. Voila, a crossover ponytail.

Headband Up-Do

Do you ever have a problem with your headband slipping off your head? Not so with this style! Place an elastic headband over your hair and divide your hair into three sections by placing two lengths of hair over each shoulder, leaving a piece over your back, and tie it off further down to keep it in place.

Pull this tied-off section of hair through the back of the headband, hiding the elastic and pinning it in place. Then twist both front strands of hair and wrap them on opposite sides of the knot, further hiding the elastic and pinning it in place. One of our favorite easy hairstyles for lazy days!

Khaleesi Inspired Twist

The actress may have her own stylist, but if you want hair inspired by the Mother of Dragons, you don’t need one! Start by tying the top layer of your hair back, half up, half down. Make a gap in your hair just above the handle and pull your hair back and forth so that your hair now has a simple twist. Grab two more sections of loose hair and create a second ponytail under the first. Repeat the first step, make a gap and pass your hair through to create a second twist.

Braided Ponytail

This style goes perfectly from casual day to fancy night! And you don’t even have to know how to French braid (although it looks like you do). Do one side of your hair at a time and start twisting the two sections, adding more strands of hair to each piece of the twist until you reach your nape. Gather both twisted sections into a low ponytail.

Twisted Braided Bun

Start by tying your hair into a high ponytail. Separate your hair into sections, two for thin hair and three for thicker hair. Twist or braid each section and secure it with a handle. Then take the sections and wrap them around the base of the ponytail, layering each braid to create a big, voluminous topknot!

Boho Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is great for keeping your hair out of your face and messy hair at bay while still looking cute and put together. We love that she combined a fishtail braid and a Dutch braid.