Fair Isle or Stranded Colorwork Knitting

Fair Isle or Stranded Colorwork Knitting By Beacm


Fair Isle or multicore set is an interesting and relatively easy way to add color to your projects by repeatedly working with two different thread colors in the same order and keeping both threads always connected.

By understanding the basics of knitting, it’s easy to complete the technique successfully. However, there are some tips that can help you.

How to make knitted colored knitwear smoothly
The biggest problem is that when knitting new yarns, very dense yarns are pulled when changing yarns, the buoys behind the work have to be flexible enough to keep the front of the work level.

If your job has creases or bayan looks like a folded piece of paper, pull it too hard. Pull back and try again.

On the other hand, buoys should not be so loose that you can catch some of your body parts when trying to wear clothes you knitted (it’s also just a waste of threads). Before using the first stitch of the next color, make sure that the pre-treated stitches are tightened to the needle. This is enough, but it should not give too much flexibility in the float.

Change the color
Another important potential problem or confusion for the new Fair Isle knitting machines is the processing of two different yarn colours. Is there the right way to switch between them?

Some sources say that you should always take a new thread under the thread you have just processed to make sure that there are no holes in the knitted fabric. It’s a good exercise, but it makes your work a mess when they twist together.

A less crazy approach is to always choose the color from above and below. Basically, when you knit English and continental at the same time, you have a thread in each hand.

As long as you work with one hand in a coordinated order with the other hand, this will prevent you from tiring your work and prevent your yarn from twisting. It’s also much faster because you don’t take a thread, knit a stitch, throw a thread and take the next one, knit it, etc. Д.

Also, don’t forget to take a corner with a sharper thread where you change between the needles, because most knitwear is made round, which makes the float more dense than usual. You can pay special attention to the first stitches of each color on each new needle to make sure that the skeins on your back look just like the other skeins.

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