Stitched soap sack knitting pattern

Stitched Soap Sack Knitting Pattern

A soap bag (or soapsack) is not a necessary object, but it is a fun project. This is the ideal quick project to complement a spa gift set with a special bar of soap. It can be one of those last minute add-ons that you can knit in one night, and you might even want to create one for yourself.

This project is quick and easy to knit in an organic cotton yarn. The fall stitches are decorative and give the soapsuds a convenient way to escape during use. The string of the pouch is also functional and decorative and ensures that your soap will hang in the shower in a pretty style.

Materials needed

  • 25 yards worsted organic cotton like Lion Brand Organic Cotton
  • Size 6 US needles
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Sample display and size

Thickness:  About 4 stitches and 5 rows per inch in the pattern. The display is not critical and the project is slightly stretched when needed.

Size: The finished size is 6 inches around and 5 inches after sewing. The knitted piece before sewing is 3 inches wide and 10 inches long.

Drop stitch soapsack pattern

This is a very simple and quick project that will quickly be put together. Be sure to read through the entire pattern before you begin. If you can knit, knit and garnish, you can do so. The majority of the pattern is worked in stockinette stitches that simply knit 1 row, 1 row.

Pay special attention to steps 6 and 7, as this is where the long stitches are formed. In 6 you wrap twice (or garnish) and in the following row you simply drop the last yarn. The double wrap is not to create an extra stitch (as usual), but to give this one stitch more length to create the poles in the bag.

  1. Cast on 15 stitches.
  2. Knit 4 rows in stockinette stitch.
  3. In the next row knit two together, pull the thread crosswise, finish with one thread and knit the last stitch.
  4. Purl over next row.
  5. Continue with stockinette stitch for another 4 rows.
  6. Knit each stitch in the next row and wrap the yarn twice around the needle with each stitch.
  7. Purl, the next row, drops the extra loop.
  8. Continue in this manner by knitting 4 rows of stockinette and wrapping and dropping until the piece measures 9 inches from the beginning.
  9. Repeat step 3.
  10. Knit 4 more rows in stockinette.
  11. Tie off. Cut yarn and leave a long tail.

Finish the bag

Sew the sides of the project together with a mattress stitch one stitch away from the edge.

Weave a string through the eyelets. This can be a piece of tape or yarn, a braided piece of yarn, or an I-string. Put in your soap and tie up the soap bag.