Simple knitting pattern for toe socks

Simple Knitting Pattern For Toe Socks


These simple toe socks are a great way to learn the techniques required to knit toe socks without having to worry about patterns. They knit very quickly, it feels like they go faster than cuffed socks, and because you can try them on at any stage, they will certainly fit perfectly.

Measuring device and size

This pattern has a thickness of 30 stitches and 44 rounds per 4 inches (7 stitches and 11 rounds per inch) in stockinette in the round. A finished sock is about 8 inches around, 9 inches long from the toe to the back of the heel and 7 inches long in the leg. It is made for an average sized woman.


Toe pattern

Throw 16 stitches with the Turkish throw, starting with two needles and add more if you get stitches.

  • Knit front and back, knit up to one stitch from the end of the needle, KFB. Repeat this on the second needle.
  • Knit. Repeat these two rounds until you have 60 stitches. Divide them between more needles as needed, but keep the raised areas in the same places (so that they are aligned up to the toe).


Work with a stockinette stitch until the piece is about 7 inches or about 2 inches shorter than you need the foot for yourself.


This is a short heel row and it is super easy to change if you have used more or less stitches on your sock. Just start with half your stitches, wrap 2/3 of the stitches and leave 1/3 in the middle unpacked. Start by placing 30 stitches on a needle. You will work back and forth on these stitches to form the heel.

  • Knit to the last stitch on the needle, wrap and turn.
  • Knit to the last stitch on the needle, wrap and turn.
  • Repeat these two rows and work one stitch less on each side until 10 stitches on each side of 10 unwrapped stitches are wrapped in the middle.
  • Next, work to the first wrapped stitch, lift the lap and work it together with the stitch it has wrapped. Turn the work. Repeat on the other side. Continue in this way, doing another stitch in each row and lifting the lap until you have worked all stitches.


Continue working in the round from this point. Work in stockinette stitch 6 inches or 1 inch shorter than the desired length of your sock. 1 inch in Knit 2, knit 2 ribs. Finally, tie off – try a really stretchy binding technique.

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